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The Truth About Reading Your own tarot Cards

Anyone can learn tarot, but reading your own cards is not wise. Trying to find free tarot readings or do it yourself sounds appealing. In fact, even many of the most experienced psychics and tarot card readers do not do their own readings.


Anyone can learn to read tarot if they are open-minded and committed. However, I do not advise reading your cards. In reality, even seasoned psychics and tarot readers often avoid conducting readings themselves.




If you're considering doing your tarot reading instead of hiring a professional, here are three reasons why you should reconsider. Think twice before doing your own tarot reading instead of seeing a professional for these three reasons.




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Learning tarot takes time.


When you purchase a beginner's tarot deck, it will likely come equipped with an instructional booklet. This booklet will help you learn the symbolism behind each card in the deck to read a tarot spread.


Instruction booklets help learn tarot, but they're not enough. Becoming skilled in tarot takes dedication and effort. Your journey will likely begin with a starter deck that includes a guidebook. This booklet serves as a valuable resource for understanding the symbolism of each card and interpreting tarot spreads.


However, don't assume the booklet is all you need to master tarot. Learning and practicing are essential to grasp this ancient art's complexities fully.




To perform the most accurate and personalized tarot reading, you will need to look beyond the written meanings of the cards and develop your interpretations, too. Every reader has a unique relationship with each card, meaning they may hold meaning beyond what you find in your booklet.


To conduct a tarot reading that is both precise and tailored to the individual, it is necessary to go beyond the predefined interpretations of the cards and cultivate one's understanding. Each tarot reader has a distinct connection with every card, implying that they may possess additional significance beyond what is provided in a guidebook.




With 78 cards to interpret and understand, gaining true insight into your tarot deck can take quite some time. It's hard to read your own tarot cards accurately when you're new. Understanding a deck of 78 cards takes time, making it challenging for beginners.


On top of this, you must consider what card spread will help you. Doing a card reading with a spread like the Celtic cross spread usually works, but different spreads might be needed for a love tarot reading.





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Staying objective is difficult.


Reading your tarot cards is challenging for beginners and not advised for experienced readers. One of the main reasons behind this is that being objective is complicated. Remaining unbiased can be difficult.


Maintaining objectivity is challenging whether you are a novice or an expert at interpreting tarot cards. This is primarily because it requires consciously avoiding personal biases and preconceived notions. This can become complicated when different cards represent similar or multiple things.




When reading tarot cards, trust your instincts and consider their meaning. Confirmation bias is common among many people. It occurs when they interpret information in a way that aligns with their existing beliefs. Even activities such as tarot reading show this bias.


When using tarot cards, it's important to interpret them while also understanding their meaning in your reading. Finding a middle ground between your understanding and the cards' intended meaning is essential. This balance ensures a comprehensive and accurate interpretation of the tarot.


By considering both aspects, you can gain a deeper insight into the messages conveyed by the cards. It is essential to maintain this equilibrium to enhance the effectiveness of your tarot readings.


Your mind might unknowingly favor confirmation bias, affecting how you understand the cards to match your beliefs. By being mindful of this tendency, you can cultivate a more nuanced and accurate understanding of the tarot's messages.




As such, if you already have thoughts about your situation, you may misinterpret your reading in a way that confirms those thoughts—whether true or not. Therefore, if you have preconceived notions about your circumstances, you may unintentionally distort your interpretation of the reading to align with those notions, regardless of their accuracy.




Imagine, for example, that you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Draw the two pentacles, which indicate split attention. You may take it to confirm that your partner is cheating on you when the actual meaning is about time management or life balance. Consider


In this scenario, you have doubts about your partner's faithfulness. Suppose you happen to draw the two pentacles, a card symbolizing divided focus. In that case, you might mistakenly interpret it as evidence of your partner's infidelity when, in reality, it pertains to the need for better time management or finding a balance in life.




Asking the right questions may be complicated.


Finally, whether you are an experienced tarot reader or a complete beginner, you may not ask the right questions when reading your cards. Crafting effective queries can prove challenging. Even seasoned tarot practitioners and newcomers may struggle to pose the most suitable questions during self-reading.




Sometimes, when you are too emotionally close to the concern, you may not be able to find the right way to consult the cards.


Many who attempt their tarot readings ask the deck the questions on their minds rather than the questions that will lead to the correct answers.|At times, if you have a solid emotional attachment to the issue at hand, it can be challenging to approach the tarot cards in a way that allows for accurate guidance.


Those who try to conduct their tarot readings often ask the deck questions that reflect their thoughts rather than inquiring about the questions that will lead to the most insightful answers.




Others tend to consciously or subconsciously tweak and adjust their questions to push a particular outcome, which can result in an inaccurate reading.|Individuals may deliberately or unintentionally modify their queries to manipulate the outcome, leading to a faulty interpretation.




A professional tarot reader will have a sense of clarity that comes with an objective outsider's perspective, allowing their insightful mind to see which questions the deck should honestly be asked during your reading.


Ultimately, while reading your tarot cards is not dangerous or unlucky, consult the services of a talented and experienced reader instead for your future tarot reading. Contact Horned Crow readings for tarot readings to clarify, find peace, and improve relationships. All done over the phone from the comfort of your home. We look forward to helping you.|A seasoned tarot reader brings a fresh perspective, unencumbered by personal biases, allowing them to pose the right questions to the deck during your reading.


While reading your own cards is not harmful, consider consulting a skilled and experienced reader for a more objective insight. Our psychics at Horned Crow Readings are professional and can assist you in gaining clarity, finding inner peace, and improving relationships. You can access their services from the comfort of your home and communicate with them over the phone. We're eager to help you on your journey.


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