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When You Have Questions About Love

Building a Stronger Connection: A Guide to Using Tarot Cards

We all want to fall in love, It is one of those things that, deep down, we crave. We can only understand what constitutes a perfect day when we experience it with the right person. This is true, even if it seems cheesy. Those long telephone calls that drag on into the middle of the night.

Let's face it, we want someone that we can spend a long time with. The best years of your life with. Even if you live to the age of 60 years old, you share a total moment of joy with them just by seeing them. The difficult part is finding that person!So we all have questions about love at the end of the day.

Yet there are some things we can do with tarot that can help us gain insight. You likely want to know how do you ask the tarot cards about love? Slow down I will show you how to do a relationship tarot reading soon.

I want you to leave this article with the knowledge and truth about yourself and your life so that you are happier than most other people. But to do that we need to understand some things

When seeking a meaningful relationship, a tarot reading is not a substitute for mutual understanding and growth who has great positive characteristics you admire. My greatest accomplishments have not been at the altar cloth, but in the therapy room with clients as a therapist in training.

There have been many times I wish I could tell people who come to me for a reading that the reason that things aren't changing is because of the obstacles they themselves have put in their way. Often a lot of us had rough childhoods, I wish your childhood was happier. Yet, I feel most grateful you are reading this and hope that tomorrow after having gained the knowledge from all of this you find that twin flame.

Let's start by exploring some spreads that can help you understand your relationships.

Intention setting and questions

Now when doing any tarot spread we start with the shuffle and intention setting. This is essential to any reading as it helps you determine what your answer will be. I recommend taking 3 deep breaths and centering yourself before shuffling. You can always do a riffle shuffle or some people jumble all the cards up, everyone has their own way of doing this.

While you shuffle focus on your question such as how do they feel about your relationship. Do not say things like "I wish I knew that in one year we would be together" be clear and direct with your question usually the shorter the better.

After you have shuffled the card keep the question in your mind and place the cards in the pattern and interpret them. I will assume if you are doing the spreads you have an idea of what you are doing but if you want me to help I will be glad to do so

The spreads that help us find answers to our questions about love

  1. Past, present and future spread

a set of 3 cards side by side reading past present and future from left to right

It can also provide insights into patterns or issues that might be repeating in your relationships, helping you to break negative cycles and create healthier dynamics. By examining the past, present, and future aspects of your relationship, you can gain a better understanding of where things are headed and make informed decisions about how to move forward. Additionally, this spread can reveal potential challenges or obstacles that may arise in the future so that you can proactively address them together with your partner.

The past present and future spread is not just limited to romantic relationships; it can also be applied to friendships, family dynamics, and even business partnerships. By gaining a deeper understanding of the energies at play within these connections, we are able to navigate them more effectively and foster stronger bonds.

In addition to providing insight into our current relationships, this spread also allows us to reflect on our own behavior patterns and how they may have contributed to past experiences. This self-awareness empowers us to make positive changes in ourselves that will ultimately lead to more fulfilling connections with others.

Overall, the past present and future spread is a valuable tool for gaining clarity on all types of relationships in our lives. It encourages open communication and proactive decision-making while also promoting personal growth. Whether seeking guidance for an existing relationship.

2 . The 3 card spread

a set of 3 cards  in a row which read left to right 1 2 and 3

The three-card tarot reading is usually the most versatile and you decide what each card represents for example

One of the cards usually represents you and your current state, while the other two cards represent the other person and their feelings towards you. The first card will reveal any underlying issues or concerns that may be affecting your relationship potential. The second card will show how this person truly sees you and how they feel about you deep down. And finally, the third card will reflect on possible outcomes or where things may lead in terms of your connection.

This reading can offer valuable insight into not only romantic relationships but also friendships, family dynamics, and even work relationships. It allows us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and those around us, helping us make informed decisions when it comes to our connections with others.

Furthermore, 3 card tarot readings are an excellent tool for self-reflection and personal growth. By delving into our own thoughts and emotions through these readings, we can uncover hidden barriers or past traumas that may be holding us back from forming fulfilling relationships.

Overall, the 3 card tarot read is a powerful tool that can provide guidance and clarity on various aspects of our lives, particularly in regards to love and relationships. Whether looking for answers about a specific person or seeking general insight into our own inner workings, this type of reading has much

image of a table with the celtic cross tarot spread

I have done an entire other blog post on how to do a Celtic cross spread so I have linked to it if you need to know how to do one!

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